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Click to view Full Size Photo I'm a Good-Looking/Fit/tan Bi-Sexual Dude in search of secure Open-Minded Couples or Special Singles. I'm D&D free and not into pain of any kind. Am super easy-going and am looking for erotic fun/excitement. I have a terrific sense of humor and hope you do too.

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Click to view Full Size Photo Hmmm.... i really dont know all i want is honest people and i dont know if there is any one out there so if u really honest im saying really honest hit me up if u know u player leave me alone dont even bother please. me i like trust honest and these are so important to me no matter what and i want to have fun with every one i know im young but who cares
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Click to view Full Size Photo Intelligent, kind, caring, high energy person who loves romance. Well endowed top seeks his bottom for incredibly fulfilling intense and satisfying intimate times. I enjoy movies, dancing, singing, acting in theatre, amusement parks. Can you keep up with me?

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Click to view Full Size Photo I'm a fairly open person, just trying to enjoy my youth and life in general. I'm currently a student at the UofMich working on finishing up, making new friends, and having a good time. While I'm not very experience in the art of relationships, I do find that I love to try new things in a safe manner. I'm passionate about extending the boundaries of my persona. About myself...
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Click to view Full Size Photo I am a musician by trade, a teacher by profession, and a political rebel at heart. I tend to be very passionate about things, and have no fear or doubt about standing up for what I believe in. I am a deep thinker, often too deep for the materialistic type. My hobbies include music, snowboarding, video games, and travelling.

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Click to view Full Size Photo This area is dead I am feeling very frisky and looking for a bit of fun. Need a cool lady for smart and ready No head games please Want to find someone who wants some laughs and hot times. Are you a mature lady who wants a real guy to BRighten up your day or night.
Please be attractive and available

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Click to view Full Size Photo There is so much I want to try, but I never know where to find what I am looking for. Woudl you like to help? Open-minded & sexy - but very descreet - I want to meet someone that could be described as a freak themselves. D & D Free!!!

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Click to view Full Size Photo I am a college student at NYU, and I am looking for someone to add something meaningful to my life. I am looking for a serious relationship, simply because I have never had one before. I would like to finally meet someone who identifies with me and is not afraid of meeting new people. I am 5'11, 195lb, mixed skin (black and white), with brown hair and brown eyes.
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Man seeking Man - Erotic Stories
Gay Debate
I’m gay…Yes, I Julio West am GAY. There I said it. At the age of 28 it was good to finally know what I was in the world. I’ve always been confused. In high school, I went out with a girl, but we didn’t do anything because she was too modest. Gym was horrible. I hated gym for obvious reasons. I always seemed to become erect around the other guys in the shower room. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and I was in bad denial. I remember late at night I used to jack off thinking about my neighbor, Ricardo, and me. In my dreams he fucked and sucked me with pleasure. I used to feel terrible afterwards thinking something was really wrong with me. However, I kept doing it. I even snuck into his house and stole his briefs so I could maybe smell his manly juices. It was sad and I was really appalled at myself, but I couldn’t stop. I told myself that this oddity about myself would stop when I left for college.

Glory Hole
I got off the airport with a hard-on. Atlanta was my favorite city. I have been coming here every month for the last year. When my company first started to send me here, I hated it. The time away from home and my family was hard and there really was not much work to do. So I started to spend my free time driving around touring the city. The drives usually lead me to the seedier parts of town. I would look in the adult movie houses and rent one of the videos or buy a magazine to take back to the hotel and jack off. I would spend the rest of the night stroking my cock looking at the pages in the book or watching the videos. That all changed four months ago.

Hot Sex
As he was driving along, he kept glancing at the lovely 20 year old sitting next to him. It was only half an hour ago he picked him up in the new bar in town. He looked gorgeous standing there, he knew he wanted him. It was pure instant lust.

He really couldn’t believe his luck when he asked if he wanted a shag. No one, not even his boyfriend had been so up front. He thought why not! No one would find out.

Man oh Man
Well, here I was lying on my backyard lounger, a glass of red wine in my hand, toasting my 48th birthday ... alone. Twice married, twice divorced and seeing my two kids for a few hours a couple of times a month, and as a result of the rather acrimonious ending to my second marriage, more than a little wary of any further involvements, so I’d become almost a social recluse. Work took up an increasing proportion of my time as I hid from life, so today was something of a red letter day, I’d allowed myself some time off to just sit and think about me and where I was going with my life.

It was almost with a feeling of annoyance that I heard the side gate open and saw Stephen wander in and move to the garden shed. He didn’t notice me lying there for a moment, and almost jumped out of his skin when I called out “Hi Stephen”.

“Oh, hi, Mr ... um ...Peter” he stammered.

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